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No, not this one... No, not this one…

I dragged the washing machine out of the hole where it has been hiding since it retired itself a little while ago, determined to de-cobweb behind it and scrub the floor before the replacement is installed. Ani wanted to help, and did so by acting as a feather duster, collecting the webs on ears and tail, whilst ‘vacuuming’ the dog biscuit she found under there.

Personally, I was more concerned with finding what was responsible for the gossamer festoons. I disposed of the small snail and the mummified slug, evidently baked dry by the overheating motor some time ago. I was just about to start scrubbing the floor when a tiny movement caught my eye under the skirting board.

I have no problem with spiders, as long as they stay out of my bed and clothes. And the bath… at least when I am in it…

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