The Bingergread Cottage

“I’m so sorry about this. Are you sure you’ll be OK?” Her friend’s face was an unmade-bed of worry and concern.Shani n Me

“Get in the car, Ailsa and push off. I told you. With that first edit to do, I need peace, quiet and complete concentration. If I can’t get that here in your house…” the question was left hanging in mid-air as she was clutched to an ample bosom for the umpteenth time. “Go! Byeeeeeee.”

She waved until the small yellow van was out of sight and smiled to herself. This really was the Fates smiling on both of them. Her colleague and pal getting away to a gathering she thought she’d have to miss as her partner was away at a naval reunion. Shani had the house to herself with only the dog and cat to look after. Solitude was what she needed and she had free run of…

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