Canning Day – in memorium

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“It’s Boxing Day,” my two-legs said,
I have to disagree,
The morning after Christmas
Has another name to me.
“It’s Canning Day,” I whispered,
And my two-legs cocked an eye,
I turned away discretely
‘Cause the small dog doesn’t cry.

Last year we’d had a lot of fun
Across the Ocean wide,
As Cat and Dog had made a team
That crossed the great divide.
My lips are sealed on what we did
Let’s just say that next door,
Where two bêtes noires annoyed us, well…
They wouldn’t any more.

SamCat had been the mastermind
A cunning, feline plan
To oust our rivals past the fence
With just a humble can…
Or maybe more than one; we’d saved
A can… or two… or three,
While SamCat sorted yappy dog,
Old Ginger ran from me.

We proved the entente cordiale
Could cross the widest sea,
And cross the inter-species gap

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