What Am I Supposed To Be Doing On Goodreads?

Looking forward to a lot more info on this subject, Dan!

Dan Alatorre

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I’m going to tell you this little story for several reasons. It’s a sad cry for help, yes, but in a good way. Also, I’m a pretty honest guy, depending on who you ask. When I’m clueless, which is rare but it happens, I’ll probably admit it.

(Recently, we discussed building your author platform HERE, and how to auto post your blog HERE)

I don’t usually do it sopublicly…

 But what the heck; I ask you guys to open yourselves up in your writing even though it’s scary; here’s an example of opening yourself up to ridicule for the sake of getting an education.

See? After a while, opening yourself isn’t that scary. Nobody is gonna punch me in the nose for posting this. Probably.

They may laugh

Okay, ready?

So I joined Goodreads a few years ago because I was supposed

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