Notes from a small dog – Thanksgiving

give Ani some turkey, she deserves it!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani balls dark rainbow 007

It was bad enough to be disturbed by her stumbling around at stupid o’clock, without her expecting me to go out in the cold when I was half asleep. Dawn was still ages away when she made my breakfast… then she insisted on having the door open, ‘just in case’, she said, letting all the nice warm out. I wouldn’t mind, but she complains when I do that in daylight when you’re s’posed to be up.

But no… middle of the night and she’s only had one cup of coffee… and she’s already dressed. I know her well enough… so I went out, ‘just in case’ she was up to something. And of course, I was right. Off she went muttering about supermarkets in that voice that sounds like when I pinch help her with her lunch… and I was willing to bet she wasn’t going to be buying turkey.

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