I’m sure it will be invaluable to a lot of people…

The Bingergread Cottage

WARNING – Possible rant-raiser for invisible disability sufferers. Not meant chimp 1

This is another ramble down the undergrowth-blocked paths of my mind so grab your wellies and a machete and follow me…

I have a wonderful friend who is like a spirit-sister to me with whom I share almost twin life experiences both physical and spiritual. She is one of those rare treasures with whom no explanation is necessary – she gets it. Nuff said.

We don’t chat on the phone very often but when we do it is a powerful healing for both of us. Yesterday was one such time when after an hour of giggling, ranting and comparing patient’s notes we hung up and felt better. I then had a very normal “happening” after talking with her, a spiritual dig in the ribs.file0001270994693

My very dear friends often advise me to consult my spirits and I don’t do it often…

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