Finally! A paid advertising site that actually works!

Ana Spoke, author

Well, actually it’s two sites – I accidentally scheduled two promos for the same day (10 October), and so I will never know which business to thank for catapulting Shizzle, Inc back to the bestseller lists. Yeah, baby, guess who’s back? Isa was back in top 100s – in Humor, Adventure, and General Humor! She’s slipping back down as I write this, but the proof is in the pudding. I mean, this screenshot:

Screenshot (20)

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve paid $25 to eReader News Today to promote a $0.99 sale on Shizzle, Inc. I have also paid $10 to Awesome Gang – you can get details of both websites on my Most Super-Duper, Exhaustive, Comprehensive, and Current Listing of Free and Paid Book Advertising Websites and Ideas. So what did I get for my $35USD investment?

  1. 47 copies sold in the first day – more than in the…

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