The Lonely Art of the Lonely Heart

Jane Bwye

Welcome Carol Hedges once again – this time for little bit of light flirtation.
Carol's Birthday 2014 001
So I’m idling through the Guardian’s ‘Soulmates’ column, as you do because it has good adjectives, and I am struck by the number of ladies and gentlemen who are looking for lurve – or possibly romance, friendship, affection, a good time, adventure, passion or felicity (yup, copied that last from someone’s ad.)
VICTORIANFLIRTING10423816_10205678949118797_1792152465404614043_nWhich makes me think that nothing really changes, does it? As part of my research for novel number 4, I have just finished reading a brilliant book called Shapely Ankle Preferr’d  by Francesca Beauman. It is the history of the Lonely Hearts Ad from 1695 -2010. Yes, that is not a typo!
Admittedly I know I am lucky, in that Beloved Husband and I have been married for 40 years come this September, and although those of you who know us well…

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