…a poem, (with apologies to Poetry in General)…

Seumas Gallacher


‘Twas the night before Launch Date, and all through the house

The only sound heard was an old Author’s Mouse.

A-pointing and clicking, all through the night,

Trying to ensure his Launch Party was right.

Virtual downloads of chocolate, (of course), and then,

Plenty of champers, then chocolate again.

YouTube being ploughed for music galore,

Bagpipes and drums, now, who could want more?

The invites long sent to gazillions of folks,

Now the Author awaits the banter and jokes.

The sharing of links, the real nitty-gritty,

So the WURLD-at-Large can buy KILLER CITY.

There’ll be writers and friends, and all sorts of pals,

For downloads by readers, great fellas and gals.

For the price of a do-nut, or a Café Latte.

Or my posher relations, a spread of pate.

Now my wee baby’s out there, look after it please,

Help calm…

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