Little gems – All Saints, Burton Dassett III

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The paintings of the north transept with their beheaded saint and crowned figures  would have been enough and well worth the visit. On this wall alone there are layers of decative themes, from figures to foliage, curlicues and stars. There are at least five schemes of painting, from the late 1200s to the 14th C, with the window splays being amongst the latest to be painted. No other paintings survive on this side of the church apart from one of the Cromwellian bible verses from the 17thC that were the only permitted decoration at that time in history. The rest were painted over.

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On the western walls at the base of the tower, a few intriguing fragments remain. The clearest is that of a hand and part of a torso. The hand grasps a tool whose blade is at right angles to the handle, suggesting a scythe. The painting is…

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