What a Publisher Cannot Do For You

Nicholas C. Rossis

Sarah Zama recently commented on y My Two Top Tips to an Aspiring Writer, offering her point of view on what a publisher cannot realistically be expected to do. I thought her comment was so interesting, that I asked her for a guest post. Happily, she obliged. Enjoy!

What a Publisher Cannot Do For You

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Ever heard authors say, “If a publisher isn’t going to promote my book, why do I need them?”

Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ve also heard publishers say, “If authors aren’t willing to promote their own book, why do they expect me to be happy to do all the job for them?”

Aside from writing the book, promoting it is probably the more time-consuming job involved in the life of any novel. The publishing industry has changed dramatically, especially in the last couple of years and it’s still changing at a…

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