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    • Hi Sue, I need to ask you something, and hope you don’t mind, but not sure of the protocol involved. I often reblog other peoples posts, but then people see them on our blog, like them, and thank me. Should I acknowledge this? It seems wrong somehow, as the posts are not ours, so to speak. What do you do? Anita

      • I always try to at least acknowledge with a ‘like’ if the comment is obviously meant for the original writer… and reply if I’m not sure 🙂 When my posts are reblogged, I always pop over to say thank you (if WP bothers to tell me about the reblog, which isn’t always the case!) When I do, there is a little tick box to subscribe to comments on the post… I ‘try’ and rememberto tick it… but I often forget. If ever there are comments on a post I reblog and the author hasn’t seen them, I will let them know so they can reply.

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