Gratitude Sunday – May 31, 2015

A Dalectable Life

Last day of May already?  Jeez Louise time does fly!  Time to take a deep breath and begin a new month.  What will it bring?  Feeling quite optimistic…

Every time I walk Zeke past Roxanne’s house (we often met each other whilst walking our dogs), I look to see if there is any movement.  You see, she was finally pregnant with twins, after many attempts, the last time I saw her in the fall.  She could no longer walk her beast, Porthos (Bouvier des Flandes), for fear he would inadvertently knock her over.  I kept hoping to see signs from her, wondering when she had her babies, if they were healthy, if all was good.  You see, we are merely walking buddies, not telephones exchanged buddies!  I never dared knocked on her door (mostly because I wasn’t positive it was her house!!!)

Well, on Tuesday, as we approached, her door flung open and…

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