…of all the blog joints in all the webs in all the WURLD, why would yeez walk into mine?… an open invitation to Guest Blog…

Seumas Gallacher


Master Bogart was marginally better placed than this ol’ Jurassic in his ability to ponder why emb’dy should ‘walk into his joint’… so, when I come again to print here with my regular ‘throw-out’ invitation to all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land to consider Guest Posting in my wee Blog pages, p’raps it’s best I lay out what I have to extend to yeez that clearly were not available to our Humph

1. …‘Casablanca’ admittedly has its rightful place in the annals of cinematic favourites through the years since it first screened in 1942, but, it was done in black and white… my Blog offers yeez a range of colours that would do Lady Gaga proud…

2. …there would only be one ’take’… yeez won’t be expected to loll around in a smoky, smelly film studio for days on end, doing gazillions…

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