So Far, So Good…


Progress Report from Jaye Marie

Why has no one ever mentioned how much fun writing a sequel can be?
I am having the time of my life, and I think my characters are too. I knew they were not ready to leave; they kept nagging at me to let them continue their journey.
And to be honest, there were more than a few things in The Ninth Life that were not completely resolved.
Now, they all have a chance to put in their two pennyworths all over again, and meet a couple of new arrivals, and I think it is going extremely well. 20.000 words already, and for me, it was pretty effortless.

Finding the Happy Balance

You see, I found writing my first book quite hard, as I mistakenly thought it would be easy, only to discover it was really quite hard work. This surprised me, for in my youth I was always scribbling away, no trouble at all. What made the difference this time I think, is the amount of other things you have to do as well. It was beginning to get me down, all the worrying about whether I was keeping up, or even doing it right in the first place. (another post on all of this soon) but I have come to terms with a lot of things lately, and I’m a much happier bunny these days.

The Importance of Planning

I think having an established story line helped a lot, and this time I started with a fully-fledged storyboard, so it was relatively easy to plot where I wanted the story to continue. I even have an ending mapped out, but that I know, is in the lap of the Gods.
My mind has also started thinking about what might be next. How is that for determination?
I love writing mystery/crime thrillers, but not sure if the next one will be the same as it has presented itself to me a little differently. I will have to see what happens.

Onwards and Upwards

This is all being quite a revelation to me, coming to writing as I do at the ripe old age of 71. I always wanted to write, of course, and did a bit now and then, but somehow life kept getting in the way, forcing me to do so many other things instead. Some of these things were quite rewarding, but think where I could be now, if I had started sooner?

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