The Bingergread Cottage

Listen please! I tell you about now. We are on holly-days which is go away from home kennel in kennel-on-wheels and find people wot bark funny. Mum love it. She go around showing teef and say small, other humans show teef back and that make her happy. She go “LOL” lots which is open mouth wide and make big noise then get hiccups.

I glad becos Mum has been very sick pup since she went to vets and had to stay-in for long times. Dad and me were alone in kennel and he told me she was in big sleep. I was worried the vet had “put her to sleep” which is what they did to Titch. I not want Mum “put to sleep” cos she is bent but not broken.

She came home but was sleepy and had funny head. She fall over lots and sometimes hug me and…

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