A Walk in the Sunshine…

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Yesterday, Anita and I played truant. We deliberately left all of our writing and promoting, all of the household chores and went out into the sunshine. This was the first time this year and was long overdue.
It all started when we were discussing a new post about synchronicity and all the coincidences that have occurred since we moved down here from London several years ago.
One of Anita’s favourite books/film is The Time Machine by H G Wells, and we happened to have moved to the one place in England where the author actually wrote it. (More on this in future post)


So, with my trusty new camera, we set off to take some pictures. This was my first photo trip since I tripped and fell flat on my face in Southampton, severely damaging my left knee and not doing my ego any good either. I was trying to walk and take pictures at the same time.
My old camera was ruined, as it didn’t appreciate being thrown at a wall, and the knee is still not quite right, so I was nervous to say the least, as falling over at my age is not to be recommended.


It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny with barely a breeze. The town was busy; it seemed everyone else had the same idea. Spring flowers were everywhere, and before long, we found ourselves walking to the pond. They call it a pond, but it is really big and must be a lake. I mean, how big does a body of water have to be, to elevate it to lake status?
Anyway, it is far too beautiful a place to be called a pond.
It was only when we arrived, that we realised it was a school holiday and the place was teeming with families. We usually avoid such occasions if we can, preferring the peace and quiet for it is the perfect place for inspiration and the general charging of personal batteries.
But we were there, so we made the best of our visit.


I don’t know if it was because this was our first trip out (it was long overdue) or something else entirely, but the day seemed magical. Everywhere we looked, new life was enjoying the sunshine too. So much fresh green growth, all the new reeds in the water, the buds on the trees. The willow trees in particular were clothed in a mist of green, giving them an ethereal quality.
Sunshine sparkled on the water and it felt glorious to be alive. Well worth all the catching up we would have to do later.


We sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee at the lovely waterside café, and watched the families with their offspring, noticing for the first time just how many older couples there were, enjoying the day and each other’s company.
Seems we were not the only ones enjoying a day of freedom from life in general. But we would all feel the better for it.

(I took nearly eighty photographs, and didn’t fall over once!)

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  1. Ut oibgidds nd ends shopping, rain and chill wind. Later the sun came out and warmer but very bright. Nyhoo, noticing mist tree not yet in bud….except. Hug weeping iwillow by the roadside, and you describe it orrectly, a mistf green.

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