Written Acts of Kindness Award for the best Ape in the World

so well deserved, this man deserves Sainthood at the very least!

The Bingergread Cottage

I was flattered to bits to be given this award by my great pal, Seumas Gallacher so I am passing it on to the most selfless author-aider I know. Chris (The Story Reading Ape) Graham.SRA

Through his blog, plus sharing interviews all over the internet, The Ape has given enormous publicity and encouragement to budding and seasoned writers alike. This includes giving interview and article space on his blog to aspiring authors as well as publishing several series of “helpful advice” pieces by veterans of the craft. I still have no idea why he does this, only that I am very grateful, as are the other authors who have benefited from his generous assistance. This is a small opportunity to thank him very much for the smashing work he does. Massive hugs and a large OOK to you, Chris.

You can find him through the following links:




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