Down With Love

Not really. It’s just…I’ve spent my writing career trying to hone my romance skills. I’ve had a lot of help from editors along the way. I know how to do it, It’s just…I don’t want to do it. Or, when I’m using the part of my mind that makes stories, it’s using me, and it’s taking me off course into unchartered water. My mind likes to play. It likes to explore. It likes to try new things. It likes a mess of character named Lily.

I’ve started my third book with Lily as a character and this time she gets top billing. In fact, I don’t think I’ll use any other point of view but hers. After a book with four POVs, this is a challenge and also exciting. Although it’s too soon to tell if some other person might just insert themselves into the story and demand a voice…

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