Writing Requires Discipline

Writing Is Hard Work

I QuitI have taught writing for years and years and I’ve been a writer for twice that long.  I’m writing this blog post today for the writers out there who are thinking of “hanging it up”.

If you have tried your hand at this writing gig and you don’t like it, then just do something else.  The title of this blog says it all, I feel.  It takes hard work and discipline to do this, especially if you are an indie writer like me who publishes their own work.

After all, isn’t being an independent writer who publishes their own books kind of a narcissistic act?  Why in the world would anyone want to pour themselves into a task of writing page after page of prose, cranking out over 50,000 words only to have a few people read it or maybe make $100 in royalties in a year’s time?

I ask…

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