Which month?

The Bingergread Cottage

According to Elliott, April is the cruellest month. Well, he’s entitled to his opinion but most of me tends to go with October through to December.
The feet are voting for December because it was then that we were beguiled into having an operation, after which we were assured we’d be “up and about” after six weeks. Six months’ of pirate impressions later we were still hobbling.

A har har - Dec last year! A har har

2014-07-29 16.00.15 End of July

The brain is very logically saying December because Christmas is always a wash-out if internally one is only six and externally one is nearer sixty. That is a given.
The rest of the Union are coming down heavily for August / September because we’ve lost it. Well, most of it. We had a visit, we had my birthday and then zap – we were in dreadful pain and out of it in a hospital.
So here we…

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