Virtual Friends… Are they Real Friends? You Bet!

great advice…so glad I did.

Elyse Salpeter

Like to Read? Join a virtual book club. Like to Read? Join a virtual book club. One of the most amazing things to come out of this explosion of social media is the friendships that you can make. We teach our children that you have to be careful on the internet. That these “friends” they meet onchat, gaming or fanboards may not be who they think they are. They could be trolls, adults posing as kids, or just completely different personas. How you can’t give out personal information or passwords and that you must be very careful.

All of that is true. But we’re not 12 year old kids. We’re adults and we are on platforms where it becomes very easy to interact with a host of people based on our interests. While true that your first encounter with a virtual person may be fraught with the unknown, one of the wonderful things about social media is that…

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