The Natives are friendly

amazing lady…

The Bingergread Cottage

Strange behavior by the river today. On our usual walk with the dogs, we spotted several car-loads of folks on the other side of the river, with poles and assumed they were off on a ramble, so I waved. That’s what I do, see? I wave and say hello to people. I do it everywhere. Even on the Tube (underground, metro) I chat. Yes, sometimes I get a weird reaction but even the young lad wearing his baseball  cap the wrong way around and playing a game on his mobile phone was happy to show me how to play. I complimented him on how clever he was with it as my fat ole fingers wouldn’t move that quickly. He was a nice lad. We got on fine. I pretended I didn’t see the knife sticking out of his pocket and he never looked threatening at all.

Well these people this…

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