Opinions Desperately Needed! Please Help!

So here it goes. I’ve been told that my covers for my Xoe series don’t really look like a series, the titles are hard to read, etc., so I’ve created a whole new set. Yet, I find myself torn. I’m really attached to my old covers, and can’t decide if my hesitation to change them is just me being sentimental, or if other people might actually like them more than the new ones. Please comment with your opinions!!

Current Covers:


Potential New Covers:


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A tangled web…

Maxpower's Blog

I remember my first kiss and it wasn’t great. I’ve blogged about it before (if you want to read about it, you will find the blog here https://maxpowerbooks.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/first-kiss/ ) worth a read I think.  We can get very nostalgic about our firsts, but it often hides the truth.  Your first kiss, the first time you made love, chances are they weren’t the best experiences of your life.  Unless you get extremely lucky, the first apple pie you eat won’t be the best apple pie you will ever eat.  Of course like everything in life there are exceptions, but we tend to learn through trial and error and benefit from the time and experience that life gives us, as we move through this world.

What firsts do give us is an emotional connection to that moment and a memory, that because of that emotion usually lasts longer and has deeper meaning…

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Promo for an Introvert

I admit I am a little…eccentric. I pay attention to the phases of the moon and Mercury Retrogrades. I buy new outfits when Venus tours my sun sign. I listen to psychics. Well, sometimes. I tend to go with my gut first. The thing about trusting your gut is, if you are an introvert like me, it can hold you back. Keep you in your comfort zone. This means, if you’re a writer, you won’t promote your novels much.

Yet I find myself in the middle of a massive (for me) promotional campaign. I’m not sure how it happened. Two psychics told me I should “take a bigger stage” that it was “my destiny.” I doubted my inner voice saying “NO! Stay home and write.” It felt a bit cowardly. After all, I had to launch three books in three months. And so I talked myself into hiring a PR…

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Twitter for the Indie Author by @JoRobinson176

Lit World Interviews

For those of you scribblers just joining Twitter for the very first time, there are a couple of tips and tools to know about that will make your tweeting life a little more fun. First the basics. Once you’ve signed up with Twitter and replaced that old egg with your author photo, it’s time to start socialising. You can only see the tweets of people who you follow, and likewise, only people who follow you will see your tweets. The way to get followers when you’re new to Twitter is to start following others. Search for people to follow by name or by putting things like writer, author, photographer, gardener, or any other thing that you are interested in, and follow away. I don’t follow many Twitter sites that don’t follow me back, but that is up to you. As a newbie this is important though, because when you are…

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5 observations on the necessity of owning a feather duster…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

To some the humble feather duster may conjure nostalgic visions of French maids and uniforms, to others they are a rather retro adjunct to the broom cupboard. To me, they are a necessity. Every home should have one. No question. I can give you my reasons…

1. They are, obviously, useless for really dusting… on the other hand you can whip round with a feather duster and do the entire house in less than five minutes without moving a thing when you get that call to say unexpected guests will arrive in ten… For a writer, this is paramount, as dusting comes a long way down the scale of priorities when in full flow.

Plus it gives you five minutes to get out of the pyjamas and make yourself presentable.

2. For the vertically challenged amongst us, they are, of course, ideal for cobwebs. This is part of their primary…

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