There is nothing to fear, but fear itself…

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The demon inside the machine…

It’s official, I hate my laptop. I would go so far as to say that I hate all computers. The laptop is one of those touch screen ones, and apparently, I have the wrong kind of finger. And it’s not just the one, I have tried them all. The slightest touch has things flying about all over the place, and then there are those other times when I can stab at the screen like a maniac and absolutely nothing happens.

The demon that inhabited the main computer that has now gone to the PC heaven in the sky seems to have moved into the laptop, doing all kinds of things that are totally out of my control. If anything finally kills my dream of being a reasonably successful author, it will be a computer of some sort. My ageing brain is no longer capable of the kind of mindless patience (or insane tolerance) that is needed to use them.

I am convinced they are here to drive us all insane, starting with me. And as for using it in the garden, which was the plan, no such luck!

I thought this would be such a brilliant idea, combining two of the things I love most in this world, writing, and gardening, but when I tried it the screen faded so badly, I couldn’t see a thing!

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse…

It has occurred to me that it is quite possible, or more than likely probable, that the weird things my PC has been doing of late, might just mean something is dying inside that metal box. And if I am right, this could mean it will be giving up the ghost just when it is most inconvenient. With this thought firmly lodged in my by now worrying itself into a coma brain, I toddled off to Amazon to see how much a replacement would cost. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I can get a certified refurbished Dell for literally peanuts. Windows 10, 64 bit and all the basics.

Panic over, I could handle it, whenever ‘it’ decided to reveal itself.

Now if I could just get my head around all these new improvements that are taking place at most of the sites I regularly use, there might be some danger of progress being made around here…

Once more with feeling…

For some reason that I haven’t managed to figure out yet, the muse has wandered off again. I haven’t added to the word count on WIP, or written any blog posts either for what seems like a long time, but is probably only a day or two. I keep getting these blank moments and I’m trying not to equate them to my old age or the dreaded D word. It crossed my mind that whatever is wrong with the PC might just be contagious, as I also get long periods of quiet in my head, a bit like being becalmed at sea in a boat. Not that I mind any of this weirdness, as it sure makes a change from depression…

35 thoughts on “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself…

  1. I can relate but sometimes taking a break is fine. Your post title is very attractive it is said by William o Douglas and it was part of my textbook so I remember it very well. This is one of my favorite saying coz its says all in few words. This is my first time here but not last as far as I think coz I loved it. You are very natural and there is be yourself element in your post.

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  2. If you are like me, I keep thinking when I was younger without computers, how much simpler life was. Then I remember all the calluses on my fingertips and realize these computers aren’t so bad after all.

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  3. I can relate! Many a time, I’ve had the urge to throw my computer off our second-story balcony. Touch screens aren’t my cup of tea, however, I still have my share of computer woes. I bought a refurbished Dell from Amazon in 2020 to be used when we travel. It’s smaller than my main laptop and lightweight. Well, we haven’t traveled yet but I have no regrets about buying the Dell because it is a great backup laptop. My main laptop is about 3 months old with a 17-inch screen and I just downloaded the beta version of Windows 11 on it. So far, so good. So now we are a 4 computer family and it’s like having four 2-year-olds that don’t behave. lol Good luck with your computer!

    Btw, I don’t use Microsoft Word, I use Libre Office Writer – It’s free and more private. However, I think you can turn off the feature that premeditates what you are going to type in Microsoft Word.


  4. I can’t think of anything worse than jousting with a computer where I have to keep on touching the damn screen. I can mess things up quite nicely with just a keyboard. 😀 …
    I hope your mojo/groove/muse gets her/his arse into gear and gets back to work soon.


  5. I so get this. I spend more time on the computer than doing anything else in a typical day. Some of the letters on my desktop computer are worn off, but the laptop is so darn sensitive. Nothing like trying to type “the” and ending up with ttthhhhhee. 🤣

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  6. I hope you are feeling better now. Great to read you found a way out. Dont worry! One of my side hustles is “computers”, since over 20 years. Every day i am surprised about new problems, i need to solve. In case of emergency i have an old portable typewriter. Lol Have a nice weekend! xx Michael


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