#ThrowbackThursday: Pink Matters by Olga Núñez Miret ~@OlgaNM7


91kOOO7UmXL._SL1500_“You are Pink, not the prettiest girl, but smart and with plenty of resources. What do you do when your best male friend offers to have sex with you, because he thinks you’re a lost cause? You plot your revenge with your two best female friends, of course!
It seems you’re in luck when a new and mysterious student appears. And, to top it all, he seems interested in you too. He could take part in the plan. But then, he seems to have a plan of his own… He insists he’s not just an ordinary boy. And what seemed so easy to begin with, gets more and more complicated when Heaven and Hell come knocking at Pink’s door.

Pink Matters is the story of Pink, a 17-year-old girl, a good student, articulate and smart. But she has never been the centre of attention or made the top ten of the most popular and attractive girls at school. When two guys, both claiming to be angels, insist that she is, indeed, ‘special’, fight for her attention and help, and tell her she is the key to the future of the universe, she can’t help but ask: Why me?”

It was the stunning covers of these books (by Lourdes Vidal) that drew my attention, and when I read they were about fallen angels I had to read them all.

The first book, ‘Pink Matters’ did not disappoint, with its interesting, well portrayed characters, all make you need to know what happens next.

Well written, with humour and wit, you find yourself wondering if you have met these characters before. As you get to know them well, you slip right into the story, almost as though you belong there.

This book was faultlessly presented, and sets you up perfectly for the next one, ‘Shapes of Greg’ … when I suspect everything will get a lot more complicated.

Bring them on…

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