my review of the brilliant book, ‘Eric is Awake’ by Dom Shaw


I read about this book and something struck me about how different it seemed to be, so I volunteered to review it here and on Goodreads and Amazon. And I was right to be interested as ‘Eric is awake’ demands respect from the very first page. It is definitely worth reading and once you have, keep it safe, as you will want to read it again.

As one man dies, another lives. Nothing special about that you might think, it happens all the time.
But not when time separates the two men and one of them happens to be George Orwell, aka Eric Arthur Blair.
Written in two threads, one a diary from Orwell’s old life and an interesting blog from his new one, past and present separated by different fonts, but unnecessary in my view as the characters clearly tell you where they are.
Dom Shaw has a surprisingly strong and powerful writing voice and style, considering this is his first novel. I was expecting a story that a novice might write, full of promise of what could come later, but I was surprised by the sheer strength of his writing skill. Surely Dom Shaw has been writing fiction for years?
Far from being a depressing tale of another downtrodden world, acknowledged by the very person who envisaged it, this uncomfortable story makes you think and appreciate the subtle differences.
If you have ever wondered what a man like Orwell would make of our world, this book answers so many questions, but leaves you in no doubt that he would be at home here, for it is possibly how he imagined it would be.
From time to time you have to remind yourself that this was not written by Orwell himself, so strong and familiar is the voice in this book. It could very well be the proof that reincarnation or something very similar is at work here and I am more than glad I read it.

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