New and Improved…

We now have a gloriously new and improved blurb for The Scarlet Ribbon, thanks to the wonderful response to Monday’s post, The Blessed Blurb ~ Help Needed.

Grateful thanks to all of your helpful suggestions, especially those from Audrey, Darlene, John and Annette…

The new, improved blurb

Where do you go when you’re in a coma?

A car loses control and mows Maggie down in the street, changing her life forever. She never liked her life, but when she ends up in a coma, she fights desperately to wake up to the sound of her husband’s voice.

Lost in the world of the coma, unable to communicate, she is forced to witness the bitter truth of her old life. In this dark place, she rescues an abused and terrified child, determined to take her home.

Trapped between life and death, Maggie doesn’t know what is real or a dream. She needs to wake up to change her life and help this child.

But is this possible if forced to stay in a nightmare world?

But will I pay for another blurb?

Maybe not. This exercise, and the helpful responses we received, have taught us so much.

We have ten more blurbs to check, improve and/or rewrite. Hopefully, the write angels are on our side this time!

Happy Blurb writing!

Tuesday Teaser…

Tuesday Teaser


After days of rain, today promises wall-to-wall sunshine. I have just been for my X-ray, and although it feels very cold out there, I think it will warm up later, so I can venture out into the garden.

First, I have something more important to do.  For months, I have been working on our book blurbs. I don’t like them and don’t think they do our books justice. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot come up with anything that inspires me. So not likely to inspire anyone else! They say it takes a different mindset to write a good blurb; obviously, that part of my brain is out to lunch. I’m just grateful the rest of it still works!  I have been researching like a crazy person to find a solution, even if it means paying for it, and yesterday I decided to give a try. I have used them before for beta reads and am very happy with them. I chose one that wasn’t expensive, had brilliant reviews and an extensive list of material needed. I spent the rest of the afternoon compiling this list and will be sending it off any minute now. I will receive the blurb in two days’ time.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, they say, and whatever I get cannot be any worse than the ones we have already. I will do a comparison post so you can offer your judgement! I am looking forward to a little gardening, even though I don’t think the grass will dry out enough to be cut. There are seeds to sow and a Mother’s Day hydrangea to plant. Such a beautiful blue, and I hope it doesn’t revert to pink.

 Later, I intend to write, hopefully in a good creative mood after all that fresh air…