Six on Saturday… #Flowers & Seedlings

Our contribution this week for Jim’s Six on Saturday,

This week’s first flower, well almost, is my mystery plant, the Sea Holly. Disappointingly, it looks nothing like the image I fell in love with. Hopefully, it will in time. It is four feet high already…

These were a late decision, as I hadn’t planned on growing tomatoes this year. Anita mentioned how she loves the flavour of yellow tomatoes, so like the good sister I try to be, I bought seeds immediately!

We went a little mad when we visited the garden centre earlier this year, but not sorry we came home with these…

These white alyssums were a favourite of mine when I was a child, so nostalgia put this packet of seeds in my shopping basket!

This hydrangea was a birthday present, but it hasn’t grown much at all. The snails won’t leave it alone, but the heavenly blue flowers keep on coming!

and finally, my very first dahlia… due to the rain washing the name from the label, I don’t know its name, but so glad to see it…

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday… #Flowers & Seedlings

  1. Lovely flowers.
    Two years ago we visited the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. We saw a tall, red plant which was labelled as lobelia cardinale. As lobelias always seemed to be little blue trailing plants here, we were amazed by there beauties.
    I bought 6 inline. One died, but they didn’t flower last year. This year, though, they are much taller and have flower buds. Yay!

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