If I were dying…

Coffee with Andi

There is great power in words. We know what it feels like to have a harsh word spoken to us with sarcasm or in anger. It cuts like a knife and leaves a scar forever embedded in our heart. Our mind marks it unforgettable.

Knowing how words have the ability to leave a lasting impression, how often do we choose words to lift rather than wound?

If I were dying, what would you share with me, and why? Would you be more mindful and cautious with your choice of words? Would your presentation be sweeter, kinder?

If I were dying, would you tell me you love me…and perhaps, more often? Would you fill my heart with daisies instead of scars? If so, what changed between us that you should treat me differently now?

Why do we hesitate to lift someone? What are we waiting for?

Today, give someone…

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