#SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #GardeningMakesMeHappy

collage created on Picmonkey.com ~ flowers photographed by ©Jaye Marie2023

Centrepiece this week is our beloved camelia, caught just before the weather does its worst. We don’t get to enjoy these special flowers for long, as they soon fade, as all camellias tend to do…

Next up is the Japanese Quince, such a brave and cheerful fellow!

My poor azalea is so old but refuses to die. It might just manage to bloom this time… it’s only been trying since Christmas!

This pink hawthorn refuses to flower, and I have no idea why. Advice on this would be most welcome!

The yellow flower is a china Capodimonte rose, a present from Anita…

The first of my bonsai to wake up every year, I always look forward to the scarlet leaves…

I think this is something called sambuca. I just love the black leaves and baby pink flowers…

The garden is waking up in leaps and bounds. If I can summon up some of my own leaps and bounds, I will be spending more time out there…

26 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #GardeningMakesMeHappy

  1. Do you get berries on the sambucus? I grow the local native variety, which has green leaves and lovely white flower clusters – please include a photo of the flowers when it is in bloom! I hoped the birds would like the berries, but so far, not so much.

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