Snow… at last…

We were promised a little snow yesterday, but when the magical flakes began to fall, they were few and far between, and after ten minutes, they stopped falling altogether.

We are used to being disappointed here in Hampshire. It’s the same with thunder storms too. All around us can have it all going on, but all we get are distant flashes of lightening, and a few feeble rumbles.

Today, they assured us, would be better, or worse, considering how you feel about the white stuff. We love it, even when our town was cut off from civilisation a few years back. Several feet of snow fell, causing chaos and a lot of abandoned cars, and I can still remember the eerie silence and the lack of darkness at night. It felt like we were in another world.

It has snowed all morning, but the ground is wet from last night’s rain, so most of the snow is melting. But we have finally seen snow…

Better than nothing!

We love to remember our childhood when we lived in the country. When it snowed, and it seemed to snow a lot every winter, you couldn’t open your front door, and ten foot icicles as thick as our arms hung from the gutters. It seemed to last for weeks, but I suspect our enjoyment made it seem longer.

Temperatures are set to rise by the end of the week, so Spring will finally be here.

We hope that fellow snow lovers everywhere have enjoyed even a little of Nature’s best gifts…

21 thoughts on “Snow… at last…

  1. Love the little snow people.
    We were told we’d have snow in Sussex today, but it just rained.
    We lived in Hampshire years ago. It has its own mini climate. When we were there we rarely saw snow.

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