All that Glitters


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all feeling well and doing incredible things! I’m sharing a poem with you today, ad I hope you enjoy it.

All that Glitters

All that glitters isn’t gold,
Though tempting is the shine.
But beach stones shimmer just the same
As gold found in a mine.

All who sparkle are not stars!
You may feel that sparkle call,
But life can be a masquerade
And those stars can start to fall.

All things firey are not light.
Though bright, a fire burns.
Be wary of big and lighted eyes,
For behind them, chaos churns

And all that’s lovely is not love.
Duplicitous people are real!
Be guided by your instincts,
And trust in how you feel.

As always, thank you for spending time with me here today. It really means the world!

Until next time,


© 2023 GLT

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