The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 560 ~ #Poetry

Image by Dagmar Räder from Pixabay
I heard the sound of magic on a sigh
The library lights began flickering
I could see him stalk the shadows
His disguise flimsy
Impulse told me to run from the cruel crackle
That came from his movements
With every thud of his footsteps
I could hear the years drag behind him
My hunch, he was looking for a place to hide
To unload a monsoon of lifetimes
Each book he passed
Would contain new lines
When put together would make
The power too hot to handle
The truth would be trying to 
 remembering each book he touched
Then figuring out which would be a new line
It would take a lifetime
I knew I would have to try…


Anita blew me away with this poem… I think it’s the beginning of what could be a fantastic book!

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