Heaven or Hell? #Poetry

Image by jplenio from Pixabay ~ Poetry by A Dawes

The title of Anita’s poem, Heaven or Hell, struck a chord with me today.

Basically, because of the news that is filtering through to my office from the TV in the other room.

Boris Johnson has reached the end of his rope, apparently and will be resigning any minute now. I am not a fan of politics, all that chaos and mayhem, and what good does it do? They are no better at running the country than I am at running for a bus!

To answer that question, definitely hell …


13 thoughts on “Heaven or Hell? #Poetry

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  2. HI Jaye, all governments seem to be in turmoil currently. I think it was past the time for Boris Johnson to step down. He should have gone a few months ago and he still could have left with a little dignity.

  3. A great poem, reflecting the situation. Who will come next, and how long will she/ he stay?
    However you are having a strong democracy. Look at Germany, we have had so many scandals, but none of the relevant ministers resigned. One even became President of the European Commission. xx Michael

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