How to Grow Bonsai from Seed…

Your Very Own Guide to Growing Bonsai Trees From Seeds!

When we are asked about how to grow a bonsai tree, we mostly reply with stem propagation, where we take a leaf or a stem from a regular tree to make a miniature tree, which is a bonsai. What if I were to tell you that that’s not true? We can grow a bonsai from scratch! What a rewarding process it will be to watch a bonsai grow from the start! It takes a little time, but if you give it your love, care and your time, it will flourish under your care and grow up to be a beautiful bonsai tree. 

Also, nothing can be better when you can be involved in every part of the bonsai tree’s journey to adulthood. That bonsai tree will be your very own baby! How do we do this? From seeds! In this article we have listed down everything you need to know to grow your own baby bonsai tree from seeds. So wait no further and start reading!

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my own black pine seedlings, just six months old
this is a white pine, and two years old

Caring for bonsai is one of the most relaxing things you will ever do… it has kept me sane for fifty years!

14 thoughts on “How to Grow Bonsai from Seed…

  1. Every time I read a post about your bonsai trees, I feel inspired to begin. I love my garden and the whole process of helping things grow feels sacred. Nurturing and “crafting” a tree does seem like it would be very relaxing.


  2. I actually have a native oak grown from an acorn that’s been in an ordinary plastic pot for about 10 years and is still less than a foot tall. But I’ve never pruned it or repotted it.
    I have seen these types of oaks growing in exposed rocky sites near the sea where they are dwarfed to 6 feet or less by the tough conditions including winter winds. On the other hand, in favourable inland sites with good soil and enough moisture they exceed 100 feet and live for hundreds of years.


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