Dead of Winter ~ Journey 10 ~ Pergesca ~ Review

Dead of Winter: Journey 10, Pergesca” resumes outside the Lost Library, where Hallgeir was faced with a decision that could impact the entire world.
Lucetius is gravely wounded when he attempts to deliver a message. Emlyn, Zasha, and Osabide are again separated from all their friends. The Three must continue their journey without assistance or protection from the other travellers. They must reach the faraway city of Pergesca. That is also the seat of power of the ancient Society of Deae Matres. Will the companions eventually be reunited?
A vicious enemy returns, displaying unexpected strength.
An important character dies in this novelette. The death of a character is a rare thing in stories written by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.

Our Review

This enthralling story is gathering pace, and although things do seem promising, I doubt there can be a totally happy conclusion as there are too many opposing forces at work here.

Emlyn, in her innocence, cannot hope to compete with all the forces of evil that surround her.

Or can she?

The mysterious force that guides her is her only help. Thankfully, her companions have stopped treating her as a child, dismissing her adventures and intuitions, as they have begun to realise that a strong and powerful presence is guiding her.

Watching the fall of Haldis, someone I never completely trusted (I was with Emlyn with this one) I was impressed with the way the author handled this extraordinarily complex situation.

Throughout the episodes already visited and enjoyed, I have been enthralled, entertained and patient, waiting for the story to reveal its secrets, but as we near the end, the tension is becoming unbearable.

I need to know who or what is guiding Emlyn…

10 thoughts on “Dead of Winter ~ Journey 10 ~ Pergesca ~ Review

  1. What a wonderful surprise! I’m so glad you are enjoying these Journeys. You make me feel like I not only did the right thing by taking this epic off the shelf, but that maybe this was the right time for it too, now not before.
    Stay safe and well. Hugs on the wing!

      • Haha. Yes and no…
        Dead of Winter was the first novel I *finished.* I had 4 earlier partially finished manuscripts that were completely lost (relocation issues). Since then I have a number of unfinished works, in various stages of completion. Work-stress would drain me of the ability to do anything creative.
        I have one finished novel which is the only blog serial I have not “bookized.” I’ve been holding it back, because I had started a second story for that main character. Although I never got very far.

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