The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 520 ~ #MyFamily ~ #Poetry

Good morning and a happy Tuesday to you all!

Today we are posting one of our favourite writing prompts, The Sunday Whirl’s Wordle…

The chosen words always manage to conjure up different worlds and emotions. So much so, we have been thinking of creating writing prompts for your delectation!

What do you think?

My Family

My mind clear
No longer feeling drowsy
I seek my way
Under blue spacious skies
Thoughts open 
a new room in my mind
Simple waves of delight
Wash over me
I am taken back to a time
When folk would say Grace 
For the food on their table
I wondered if I could bring it back
To my own family
The more I thought about it
The more I knew it wouldn’t work
My family are too technical
They would rather pray to the internet
Or Nintendo
I wanted to stay longer
To share supper with these people
Of gentle ways
When I have children of my own
I will try to remember to say Grace…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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