Views of the Neighborhood – New Construction – Take Two

Fiction Favorites

Hi gang. Today we are going back to the house under construction in the neighborhood. There has been some progress, and frankly, it has been a slow week in terms of events in Lakeway.  We are being catered to brunch by the Launderette in Austin. Our entertainment is The Bangles.


Rainbow Bowl

beet hummus, quinoa, roasted carrots, sprouts, sesame, soft egg

Salmon Gravlax

sesame bagel, cream cheese, capers, tomato, red onion, sprouts

English Muffin Sammi

scrambled egg, deer creek cheddar, fennel sausage, avocado, romesco

Benny Toast

poached eggs, sauce aligot, braised greens, truffle hollandaise, toasted focaccia

Fried Chicken Sammie

coriander poblano slaw, pickles, challah

Plancha Burger

American cheese, special sauce, pickles, challah

The Americana

sunny eggs, oyster mushroom, roasted tomato, bacon, toast

Pork Shoulder Hash

potato, brussels sprouts, sunny eggs, salsa verde

Roasted Chicken Salad

bibb lettuce, radicchio, frisee, summer squash, pickled cucumber, soft egg, quinoa furikake, miso pear…

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