This, That, and the Other

“If you want your blog to go viral, you need to generate more traffic,” my buddy, Fred said.

“Duh,” I said. “Tell me something I don’t already know. But I don’t know how to build up more traffic.”

“That’s simple,” Fred said. “Clickbait.”

“Whaddya mean?”

“Come up with some really fanciful titles for your posts, sprinkle them with sexy, provocative images, and get people click to your site. Your number of site visits will skyrocket and your Google rankings will go through the roof,” Fred said.

“But won’t that be misleading if my post titles and the images have little to do with the content?” I asked. “My blog is intended to be a union of information and entertainment, not to appeal to readers’ baser instincts.”

“Your response is indicative of small thinking,” Fred said. “People gallivant from website to website. Why not have them land on yours?”

“Sorry, Fred,”…

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