Goodbye, old friends…

Sun in Gemini

I’ve had them for more years than I care to remember…

They were seriously expensive, back then in Bolton in the late 1980s. In a rare solitary moment, I had a coffee, then strolled through the retail side of ‘The Reebok’, as the new development was called then. All of it centred around the impressive new ground of the Bolton Wanderers football team.

I examined the boots. Lifting them up from one of the shelves in the posh shop near the cinema’s ticket office, then guffawed and put them down…swiftly.

How much?! I muttered. Clearly a fashion item for younger chaps, I reasoned. So we wouldn’t need any of that…. Mind you, I mused. They’re beautifully made… but no…

My outdoor world was dominated by the ferrying and entertainment of two growing boys, both under ten. Fashion boots had nothing relevant to offer me. No.

But, maybe, I…

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