Anita Speaks…

Anita’s First Rant Post!

Jaye has asked me to put pen to paper, so I apologise in advance if I offend anyone. Sorry!

I am naffed off at the idea of writing!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, the world and his wife, wants their words in print, convinced there are those who want to read them.

It has been said that there is at least one book in each of us, but to me that doesn’t mean it should be written.

Television personalities jump on the band wagon, knowing their name will carry some weight. However, not all manage the transition from actor to writer.

I can think of some that did. Dawn French, Fern Britain, and Judy Finnigan, to name but a few…

Sorry, I am beginning to sound like sour grapes.

Maybe so, but you can’t tell me that publishers are not thinking the same way. Jumping on a tv name to carry the weight of a new writer.

What about all those poor sods who have poured blood on their pages, to be so cruelly thrown onto the slush pile?

It’s a known fact that publishers get it wrong. This has been proven by sending them an already world-famous number one best seller, only for them to turn it down.

I know it’s a hard world to break into. Like a bank of fishermen, there are many that will never get a fish on their hook.

C’est La Vie…


Once bitten by the writing bug, it doesn’t matter how long you leave your pen idle, or your computer turned off, you have been bitten, so you carry the disease, the curse. Your mind being the one thing you cannot turn off.

You write in the dark when you should be sleeping. You carry the unwritten words like a plague.

They push and poke at your grey matter, desperate to be on those clean white pages.

Write the words, you never know if this time, someone may want to pay you for them.

So, hold fire on that bonfire, don’t throw those pages on the flames…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Note from the Editor (Jaye)

We have been busy!

The new, updated and remastered edition of Bad Moon is almost ready to launch…

10 thoughts on “Anita Speaks…

  1. I cheated. The very best way not to end up on the slush pile with letters of rejection to paper your walls was simply not to submit in the first place. As I only wrote with the intention of entertaining my beloved it never seemed a problem. There was never a chance of me getting a letter about turning one into a film so there was no agonizing about who could play either of us. The sales I got were just wonderful icing on the cake.
    Lovely to have you home again,

  2. We all, or most of us, know that money speaks most languages, and – while I have never been particularly ambitious or needy – it irks me that a rich person can buy a few hundred copies of their books and pass them around like cookies for approbation and glowing reviews…Of course, we can’t live in the past, but it really was a fairer place when it came to publishing (I used to work for one.) Still, it’s the way that cookie now crumbles, because it really is a greedier world, and more’s the pity for that. All that said, luck plays a huge part in most things and some of the famous writers today could have papered their walls with rejection letters! Just check ’em out on Google…As for MY next book, I just know it’s going to be a best seller. Tee hee. Well, we can all dream, can’t we?! (Make a note, in case it’s published, it’s called “The Dombrowski Portrait”) Good luck with yours! Cheers. xx

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