Rowan berries

France & Vincent

sheff 108

It started with a sleepless night. I was late to bed, as I couldn’t seem to relax. I wandered back downstairs a scant hour and a half after snuggling down with every intention of staying there for a long, leisurely while.  I woke, however, and after tossing and turning in frustration gave up and got up. Even Ani, dangling headfirst off the end of the sofa, merely opened one eye, gave me one of those looks that say, “Yeah, right….” And went back to sleep. I couldn’t blame her.

I couldn’t settle to much, not even research, so ended up cleaning files on the computer… it was that bad… drinking hot milk and listening to the whine of a lone mosquito. I threw in the towel after a couple of hours and went back to bed to try again.

This seemed far more promising… I composed myself and began to…

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