A Little Bit of Hindsight

Stevie Turner

A reply from Sally Cronin (‘Hindsight is a wonderful thing‘) to a comment I made on her blog gave me the idea for this post about hindsight. Below I’ll share a few examples of how I gained hindsight the hard way.

  1. In my mid-thirties I started jogging around my village every morning to keep fit. I eventually got past the shin splints and loved every moment of being able to run without pain. However, my mother, 33 years my senior, used to shake her head and tell me how impact sports would damage my knees and how I’d be in pain when I was older. I used to laugh and tell her I had bought the latest all-singing-all-dancing cushioned trainers. However, 20 years of running did indeed damage my knees. With hindsight I would have power-walked instead.
  2. Neither my parents nor I questioned the amount of dental x-rays…

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