Defy Your Critics and Become the Spectacular Star Hidden in Your Heart — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


They say you can’t please everybody. No matter how hard you try, there is always one person you can never satisfy. Then there are dog-pile days. Every step you take is wrong. The sun shines too brightly. You wear the wrong shoes, your hair is too messy, and why can’t you smile? What were you thinking? It’s hard to put one foot right. Human nature begs us to avoid ridicule, make yourself small, avoid confrontation, set your course to self-preservation.

Everyone has an opinion of what is possible or impossible, and they will share. It is easy to cut other people’s ideas to shreds. They criticized the Wright Brothers and said men would never fly. They called Thomas Edison a failure. People told Henry Ford automobiles were just a fad. They said the same thing about the internet, email, and personal computers. Even with every success story, it is easy…

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