National Croissant Day

View from the Back

For once I felt I couldn’t let this day go unremarked. Think France, think croissants. The two are inextricably entwined, aren’t they? The flaky, buttery delicious crescent-shaped pastry called a croissant is a French icon and yet……. it isn’t truly French.

History of the croissant

History has it that croissants originated in Austria. There are several stories, none of which can be fully substantiated. Allegedly, while Austria was at war with Turkey in the late 1600s, a baker working late at night heard the Turkish soldiers tunnelling under the walls of the city of Vienna and alerted the Austrian guard. They collapsed the tunnel which saved the city and the baker in a moment of genius created a pastry from bread dough in the shape of a crescent moon, the emblem of the Turkish empire. It is said that he intended that when his customers bit into the pastry, they…

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