#Review The Dead Zone, by Stephen King 3.5 Stars #keepersofking

Didi Oviatt

MY REIVEW 3.5 Stars:

I really built myself up for this book. In King’s memoir On Writing, he mentions The Dead Zone quite a bit. So, between that, and the fact that James Franco is the audible narrator, I really had my head and heart set on this being, like, the best King book of all time. It WAS good, but not THAT good. I’m a bit let down. I probably would have given it a higher rating if I hadn’t built myself up so much. Nonetheless, it is what it is. Next I’ll be watching the movie, so hopefully it’ll be good enough to redeem the story’s standing as a whole.

In The Dead Zone there’s a main character who is pretty much dealt a double edged sword at every turn. His dad is pretty mellow and cool, but his mom is an extreme – overly religious whackjob. Then…

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