Arthur Rosch

I Write Her

Dewdrops on spiderwebs:
sit lightly with life.


The tree limb
from which the bird has flown
rocks in early morning light.


A solitary raindrop
at the beginning of a shower
loses itself in the pond.


The world spins like a riddle
through the space of its answer.


The beast of the cosmos staggers,
wounded by the weapon of its own life.


Eclipse: the silhouette of a leaf
surrounded by the sun’s rays.


Arthur Rosch is a writer, musician and photographer. His photography was recognized by the United Nations and his first novel, Confessions of an Honest Man, received an award by Writer’s Digest. You can find it on Amazon and his Photography at 500px Free e-book at Smashwords, The Road Has Eyes, a travel memoir. You can read Write Out Of My Head, the Blog:


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