Faithless. A haunting. #poetry and prose

tales told different

Before you read this, I wish you to know,
That hope lies within us all,
That the greatest keeper of hope is faith,
And that through faith, we draw strength to face the darkest of trials.
Despite our beliefs.

Faithless (A haunting)

Fear falls
and tears drop
No leaps to take
No faith to hold on to.
Depression heralds its coming
Desperation is its conduit
Distress and despair, the signature it leaves.
I have seen it in my nightmares
Sensed it in my dreams
It stalks my every waking moment
A peripheral dread
glimpsed but not seen.

For seven days it has haunted me
Tortured my Psychê
Sipped into every conversation
Drained all my self esteem
and pushed everyone away
Tonight, it all culminates!

I wonder why I took that dare,
Why I called that dreadful name
Three times I whispered to the dark
Three times I summoned…

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