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What it is about
Lily and Ted meet at the airport where he tells her that he found out his wife, Miranda, is cheating on him and he wants to kill her. Lily says she would help him. 

POV- part 1: Lily and Ted, part 2: Lily and Miranda and part 3: Lily and the detective 

Happy ending- it’s open ended 

Funny parts- no

Sad parts- a lot

Realistic scale- 2/5

Trigger warning- violent murder, child molestation, cheating

Pick this up if
You want a thriller that will get you keep you guessing until the last second. You like unlikeable, morally ambiguous characters. You want something crazy addictive with a lot of plot twists. You want something action packed. 

Don’t pick this up if
You are annoyed by misogynistic male characters. You don’t like far fetched storylines. 

Pages- 311

Audiobook- 10h 18m
Narrators- Johnny Hella, Karen White, Kathleen Early…

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